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Yes, the long wait is over. After some agonizing months of waiting, cursing, and praying, the highly-anticipated official Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) update has been finally rolled out to HTC Sensation XE last March 27 (Philippines, and some other parts of Asia).


First thing first, friendly reminders before updating your Android version:

1. First, backup your files, most especially your contacts, SMS, and other personal files. You can use sim card options, microsim, HTC Sync, Astro, Titanium Backup (for those who are rooted), Google sync, and tons of different apps in the Android Market Play Store.

2. Here comes the bitter pill — factory reset your phone. If your stubborn enough to skip this, you will end up with tons of different problems after the update, like 10-second loading time every single time you hit the back softkey, unable to play MP3s and other media, camera bugs, crashing apps and so much more. Believe me, no amount of resets and battery-popping techniques can resolve this other than (factory) resetting your phone, before or after the update. Avoid these nightmares, man-up and factory reset!

3. Secure a fast and consistent internet connection (WiFi is a favored option)

4. Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > download it.

5. Patience. Its almsot a 300mb file to download. If you have a decent downloading speed, you’re done after 2 hours or less. If your internet connection sucks, don’t worry, disconnections will not prompt you to re-download update over and over again from square one.

6. Complete the installation process. Re-input important network credentials like Gmail, YahooMail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

7. Load backup file and your good to go. Congratulations! Your supercharged Sensation XE is sooo much better and more powerful than before! Your XE will now sport  Android 4.0 and Sense 3.6 after the update. Enjoy!


Some highlights with the ICS-integration to Sensation XE

1. Very noticeable improvement in processing speed. Apps load faster, internet browsing is a breeze, 3D-animations in the homescreen is faster, the touchscreen is more sensitive

2. The physics behind the carousel-like rotation in the homescreen is more sensitive, thus faster rotation with less effort.

3. The round dock is now changed  into flat, linear, app tray layout  after migration to Sense 3.6 (thus the initial impression of less-3Dish animation, but was compensated with better sensitivity of the touchscreen)

4. Folder creation – you can now place your apps in a folder for more organized homescreen. ‘Nuff said (*runs before Apple lawyers stormed the room*)

5. Data usage – probably under-rated, but man, this is sooo helpful especially for those under data plans and are very much paranoid with their monthly mobile data charge bills. This shows your data consumption cycles, and most importantly, you can also limit data use based on your preferences.

6. Panorama scene mode for cool and wide panoramic shots (which is very applicable in landscape/nature “photography”)

7. This is a little subjective, and may vary based on idiosyncrasies of individual’s mobile usage and preferences, but the battery seems to improve a little bit as well. Stay tuned for more detailed analysis.

So how’s your Ice Cream Sandwich so far?  Yummy isn’t it?

What’s your take? Hit the comments!