The Legend-Killer is Back! Samsung Galaxy S3 is Coming…

Posted: April 16, 2012 in News, Smartphones, Technology
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The original, and the legendary iPhone-slayer is back. After breaking benchmark records, and reigned over Android kingdom for more than a year, Samsung Galaxy S is back, and out for more blood. With its third incarnation, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most-anticipated event of the year, next to Christmas & Spring Break. Well, the wait is over, faithful hordes, mark you calendars, Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched on the 3rd of May in Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London.

And oh, by the way, what the heck with the symbolic poster in the invites? Is that paint splodges? Samsung’s printer is broken again and the ink is creating a mess? Or is it true that the the alien squids are finally here to conquer us? What’s with that? Throw your guesses, buddies. My intelligent guess says its combinations of symbolism which give us some hints of what to expect from the returning legend:

  • Ceramic finish (ala One S?)
  • Fluid design, with curved corners and/or LCD (ala Galaxy Nexus?)
  • A new generation of the Super AMOLED Plus
  • Digital ink, symbolizing the inclusion of S-Pen?
  • Two or more models
  • Combinations of any of these
What’s your take? Hit the comments!


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